Ankreidung Nr.128

Locker room talk at work, in Darmstadt:

Two male colleagues in my office talking about a conference they attended a few days ago. One of them said: „That girl who gave the machine learning talk, she was hot!“. Laughter. No other words about her talk, nor about machine learning, in that moment only her physical appearance mattered. I would not want to be judged by my hotness while presenting on a professional conference, especially I don’t want colleagues to have conversations about this in the office. I find it disrespectful. Conversations like these happened more than once, until I spoke up.

Does that count?

Solche Kommentare über Kollegen und über jede andere Person sind respektlos! Kein Mensch sollte auf seinen Körper reduziert werden.

Such comments about colleagues or other people are disrespectful! No human being deserves to be judged based only on their appearance.

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